Sunday, 13 January 2013

Things I'm working on and a Little Surprise!

I'm working on this little baby for a friend's birthday.  It's a surprise so can't go spoiling birthday prezzies now can we!

Gillian's sewing dare to use my accidentally ordered giant buttons is still on my mind but think I may have a solution involving my Jamie shift dress!  Watch this space!

Having some invisible zipper installation problems with the Jamie.  I always end up with a gap here

as the footer gets stuck at the pully bit of the zipper.  Any advice most welcome?

My sister (who incidentally took these photos!) bought me this lovely notebook for Christmas to pop my sewing inspirations into.  Something about a good notebook...mmmm...notebook *dribbles*.  At the moment I'm randomly snapping pics when out shopping to gather my inspiration

              I love these fabrics and colours

I love these styles (I do so want a pinafore!).  I literally pushed a fellow shopper out of the way to snap these!


I must apologise for the ever evolving style of my blog.  I'm still learning Blogger and developing my style.  I still can't get it to show me how many followers I have on the stats page.  I can see bimbleandpimble (hello Amanda!) the widget seems fine but I can't see anything else out there on the internet!  Be nice to know I'm not just posting to myself (perhaps I am!), anyone any advice?  

Hope you all have a good #kellyskirtfriday .  Can't wait to see your photos.  You can send them to me via twitter @notchesnnotions or email

Finally, my next post I am very very excited about.  It's a surprise but involves this little lady...Oooooooo!      

(thanks Blogger for making me re-write (x 3!!) this whole post after you lost it!)


  1. Hello treacle. Not sure your photos are linked correctly in this post. Or at least I can't see them! Hmm....

    1. Think it's my fault trying to cut and paste images rather than uploading! That working now?

    2. Yes!
      And I don't really know how many followers I have either as people can follow via all these different methods that are hard to track.
      Intrigued to see your baby gift!

  2. Oh my word - we must have some telepathic link or something... I've just downloaded a free pinafore dress pattern that I'm maybe planning to make in corduroy for the winter (if I can get my botty into gear and go and buy some fabric, even tho I had a stern talking to myself at the beginning of the year saying no.more.fabric!) Search for nettevivante autumn love on google if you want the pattern.

    1. *gasp* thank you!! That's amazing! I'm soooo on it!!

    2. It's a super cute Pinafore too!