Saturday, 26 January 2013

#kellyskirtfriday III

This week's #kellyskirtfriday...

I love waking up on a Friday morning to Sabs email of her Kelly, this week it's denim...!
Super cute buttons Sabs!

And the wonderful @Freddievonfred, ToTaLLy loving this colour...!

Fantastic winter fabrics (and rocking the snow boots ladies!)

I've been contemplating my next Kelly, thinking I might go for a touch shorter this time!  Once the snow has disappeared I'll be back in mine!  

Also this week I won The Sewing Directory's competition for Abakhan vouchers!  Super thrilled (I may have done a footballer style shirt-over-head lap around the living room to celebrate!).  I'll have to have a good think of what to buy with them *rubs hands together in glee*

Remember to go forth and Kelly Skirt!


  1. So many cute Kellys! I have my pattern now so just need to organise some fabric for net pay and then it is game on!

  2. Come on Amanda, the world needs your Kelly! ;-)