Sunday, 8 September 2013

Archer Shirt - Grainline very first shirt and I absolutely love it!  So much in fact that I've already started Archer shirt II!

The only alteration I made to this was the length.  I lengthened it by a good 4 inches, mainly because I'm so tall and I wanted to be able to wear it tucked in.  I love Andrea's (Four Square Walls) white version so opted for a shameful copy.  I figured it would make a great wear for work.  The fabric is a medium cotton.

You can get an idea of the length here.  I'm wearing it with my Grainline Moss skirt too!  

I initially put the pleat in my muslin the wrong way around on the back (oops) and after reading around blogs I realised just before starting this one! Phew!

I love the detail of the top stitching.  It was my first time with top stitch, I had a few "moments" when my machine kept jamming on the collar but with a little help from twitter I changed the needle to a denim and messed about with the tension.  I'm not thrilled with the finish under the collar as I couldn't get the tension right but it can't be seen so I can get away with it!  

I'm amazed at how easy it was to make.  The Sew Along certainly helped, to be honest I mainly used that as I'm more of a visual learner and prefer pictures but the pattern instructions were pretty straight forward too.

Here's how I usually wear it.  Overall a huge sewing success!