Thursday 13 August 2015


It's only me on a bloomin' barge wearing my  Grainline Linden.

I adore this pattern! So easy to make and sizing is spot on.  I did lengthen as usual but no other alterations necessary.  I used my overlocker to assemble the entire thing and a twin needle to coverstitch the neck and hem.  Pattern matching is zero but as I you can see in the photos I don't give two hoots!

Took me awhile to source the cuffing and hem band fabric that I wanted but I found some black sweatshirt fabric on ebay - job's a good un'.  The patterned fabric is from Fabricgodmother and it's so snuggly and warm.  There's not much stretch in it so I can't push the sleeves up my arms but I reckon a larger size would solve that.

Spot of mooring

Instax camera fun, aye aye captain!

Saturday 9 May 2015

The Bat Cat (Burda 128 Blouse)

She's here, finally.  I've been meaning to blog about this for an age.  My Bat Cat fabric (from Sew Over It) for a Burda 128 sleevless blouse.

The fabric is so lush it almost feels like moleskin after a pre-wash.  It's quite a heavy cotton so I wasn't sure if the blouse would hang well but it's fab.  I tend to pair it with a pair of smart black pants for work (with a cheeky bat cat it's almost like I'm being naughty).

Those cheeky cat buttons I found on Ebay

Cheeky little face

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Burda 128 sleeveless Blouse-Fern Cotton

Welcome Fern Cotton.  I ruddy love this blouse so much!  It's Burda 128 sleeveless blouse.

The fabric is from Sew Over It.  It's a really light cotton, I think cotton lawn.  I did mark when unpicked so there wasn't a great amount of room for error! Great to work with though!  The blouse itself I went for the size 10.  Burda produce their patterns in cup size C which seems to fit me fine so no need for that pesky FBA!  

The blouse is very long but that's great for me as I always lengthen by a good couple of inches anyway so no lengthening needed with this!  I did take out a good inch at the side seems - well graded it in as it's fitted at the hip for me.

The arms are made with bias binding.  It did take me a while to follow the instructions with the finish for this but got there in the end.  There are very few diagrams in the instructions to follow - be warned!  However I found it pretty straight forward to follow-I did make a muslim first though!

The buttons I got from the local market-cute!

I love this blouse and I'm now making a second one!

Friday 10 April 2015


I am in love with what our French sewcialists are producing at the moment.  My IG feed is just full of French sewers and when I spotted Republique du Chiffon's Marthe pattern I just had to have a go.

I made it out of a cotton jersey so didn't feel I needed (or wanted!) the button back fastening.  This has to be about the most funniest pattern I've ever worked with, mostly due to google translate.  My favourite being "electroplate" = press.  The instructions made no sense whatsoever once translated but fortunately the pattern was pretty simple and the diagrams helped.

My French is very very beginners-in-an-allo-allo styleee so I picked up a few new words -

Dos = back
Devant = front
Manche = sleeve (google translates this as"handle"- you can imagine the confusion).  I love the translations of the imperatives for instructing - "perform, realize and mount" if only all pattern instructions were like this...

As usual I added an additional 2" for ma looooong bod-ay but other than that no other alterations.  I love working with jersey so easy to whack under the overlocker.  I did mess up the neck (there's an additional set of instructions on Republique du Chiffon's website of how to administer the neck band.  I messed up on the cover stitching and had to unpick and picked a hole in the fabric - eek!

Fortunately it's not noticeable to the naked eye! Phew!


Sunday 15 February 2015

Ultimate Wrap Dress v's Gapey Neck

I have absolutely no joy with sewing dresses for myself.  I'm too tall, everything requires FBAs, hips are big, waist is small,  basically everything requires adjusting and it drives me crazy.  My trick for some feel good sewing is bring out the jersey.  The Ultimate Wrap Dress by Sew Over It is perfect for me and perfect for jersey.  For this dress I used a lightweight jersey, plain black as I made it for work wear.  

 I read around various blogs first before starting and most people were commenting on the bagginess of the sleeves so I took a good inch out when closing the seams, it was fitting-as-you-go sewing but I do think you could have baggier sleeves as there are gathers at the sleeve head which would hold it nicely, it's just my preferred style to have more fitted sleeves.

My first attempt was in a navy and taupe jersey but there were some serious neck-gaping issues.  I found this tutorial by By Hand London to fix a gapey back neck, I adjusted the pattern and it totally worked!  Check out that smoooooooth neck!

I'm totally stoked with the results and will now apply it to all my future dress makes!

The only issue I have with this make is that I couldn't get the tension right with my overlocker and the hem is pretty horrendous.  Not sure where I'm going wrong with it.  New needles maybe?  How often should they be changed on an overlocker?

The ties are pretty long but I like that I can wrap them completely around my waist, they could be altered to be shorter.  The only alteration I made with the dress was to lengthen by my usual 3" as I'm quite tall and I wanted a respectable length for work.

(Fanny Street - he he!)

I'm already working on my next Ultimate Wrap Dress and pondering whether I could make it sleeveless for summer...?

Sunday 1 February 2015

Coppelia Wrap Top

Here's my Coppelia wrap top.  I opted for the pull-over top rather than the wrap around but have plans to give that a go in the future.

I love patterns with raglan sleeves, ah no insetting.  The fabric is cotton (I got it in the sale) with a slight stretch to it.  I love the variations of stripe sizes.  The Coppelia has cuffs which are very cute too.

Alterations: as with everything I lengthen it by my usual 3".
My proudest moment with this top - someone mistaking it for a Jack Wills!

Hello kitty.

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Saturday 17 January 2015

Nettie Bodysuit

I made a couple of Nettie bodysuits back in summer.  Such a sweet sweet pattern.  Variations of necklines and sleeve lengths included.  Here are my versions.  The only alteration I made was to lengthen by my usual 3 inches, being a tall lady an'all!

Love this low back.  I made it mostly using my overlocker.

Flip it round...short sleeves, low neck and high back

Missed that bit of hair, damn it!  The fabric was an ex-M&S bolt, super stretchy!

I love those little snap fastens (hidden in these photos!)