Sunday, 20 January 2013

Burda Jamie Shift Dress

The Burda Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress (my version)

Where to begin.  All was going well until I discovered this is a size too big (even after dropping the pattern size by one.  Why oh why do I always have sizing problems-particularly with dresses!).  I wanted to use my giant buttons for Gillian's sewing dare.

So decided to add tabs to create more of a pinafore (mmm pinafore love).  I managed to break one of the buttons (fear not, I don't do things by halves and still have a good half a dozen giant buttons leftover!) and a needle in the process so resorted to hand stitching.  I detest the hem (with a capital D!!).  Burda said slip stitch, Sarah said no way, and tried to machine stitch.  I realised that was a big mistake and reverted back to Burda's command.  It looks terrible, my hand stitching is just plain awful.

So much excess fabric, the tabs gathered more than I wanted really, oh well.

Big fat wobbly hem.  Invisible zipper wasn't too bad, still having the gaping problem as mentioned in my previous post.

I doubt I'll ever wear this but one has learnt from one's mistakes!

On a more successful note...

Some spots and stripes for a birthday prezzie for a friend.

I do have a little surprise for my next post, I'm still waiting on something but almost there.  Watch this space...!


  1. Handstitching is such a pain sometimes... Blergh. But once you get in the grrove and it all works out it can be rather pleasant... In a way ;) Loving the giant buttons- they are too cute!

    1. Thanks, they are the crazy buttons I had flown over from Australia only to find a major sizing issue, ha!