Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Colette Peony Photos

As promised here's some pics of me in the colour block Peony.  Insert moody shots...

Muslin (still not finished, got over excited and started the colour block)

Glass of fizz, don't mind if I do...

Hem, hem, hem!!  I will master hand stitching! And look what happens to the neck when I move!

No hook and eye yet!

Ta Da! Happy with my Peony (kinda!)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Colette Peony Colour Blocking

So I've had this marvellous piece of twill (that's some denim hiding underneath) for a couple of weeks and have been itching to colour block with!

I'm loving the colour block clothes around at the moment, I took some inspiration from this yellow dress I saw in a magazine.  I initially thought of trying another Burda Jamie Shift but, sorry Jamie, I still hate you *growls*.  So opted for the Peony.

Since making her I've spotted the same colour in Topshop! Get me I'm "on trend"!

Prepare for gasps...I did a muslin!  I've made a Peony before but had sizing issues, for some crazy reason I always insist on cutting at least 2 sizes too big.  This time I was true to myself and my real size.  The muslin worked out beautifully.  I had shortened the Peony as I am going for more of a foxy evening wear look rather than a cutesy tea dress.

I love this muslin it's a little too short, so I lengthened the colour block Peony an inch to still keep the short length.  Making the muslin made me feel all superior and smug when I remembered the facing was too big for the colour block and it needed extra large gathers on the skirt.  Ha, in your face sewing errors-that-would-have-been-without-a-muslin!

The colour block is a twill that I got from a market.  Things I have learnt about twill
  • finish seams as soon as they are cut, this is one fraying mother!
  • pressing - what the heck.. if I figure this one out I'll let you know! Perhaps I have a super naff iron!
  • Hemming - hmm, I went for a slip stitch. Twill does not like hems!
  • It's kinda a bit stretchy!

Here she is, what a beaut!  I love the weight of the fabric and the fit is great, yey!