Sunday, 20 January 2013

#kellyskirtfriday II

This weeks #kellyskirtfriday.  

Good effort peeps!

The inventor herself, Megan Nielsen *whoop, whoop!*

The lovely Stephanie - snow or no snow!

Sabs - working some snow boots.  Can't wait for the denim one!!

And spotted...(by Amy!)

Suzy - rocking her Kelly Skirt- we hope you'll join us next week Suzy!?

I have a confession...I didn't partake this week due to snow.  Didn't fancy getting stuck in snow and having to walk home in a skirt, Kelly skirt or ordinary skirt!
Proof of snow (and my mum's snowman!)

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  1. Oops my photo is the wrong way round! Rock on till next week!