Sunday, 6 January 2013

In my think tank

What's in my think tank this week? 
Quite simply these...

  • The Burda Jamie Shift Dress - from my new Burda Vintage Modern book.

I'm planning a wool attack on this. This little beauty is on my cutting mat and I can't wait to get started!

  • Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow gave me a sewing dare to use my extra large buttons!  Hmm still in the think tank at the moment.  Maybe added somewhere on the Jamie shift dress??

  • I've also got my eye on Grainlinestudio Moss Skirt pattern.  I love the band across the bottom of the skirt.  I've really enjoyed reading and getting inspiration from other blogs on this!

  • I'm still finding my way around Blogger and working on my presentation skills!  Any advice on this would be most appreciated!  I find it a little tricky to use to say the least!


  1. I took a look at the skirt you mentioned and it's lovely! I'm ordering it for myself as well :) Can't make 10 Kelly's even if I wanted to :)

  2. If you get it let me know how you get on. I've never tried a downloadable pattern before I sooôoo want it though :-)

  3. Hi there Sarah, I'm also a fairly new sewer and brand new blogger and love to meet up with others! I like that shift dress very much. I have a pattern for one I'm going to make soon from a book called Downtown DIY sewing. I look forward to following you and seeing what else you have up your sleeve, so to speak. :)

  4. Hey that sounds great! Can't wait to compare shifts! I'll post photos when I'm done :-)