Sunday, 31 March 2013


Happy Easter Chickens!

No bunnies only buns

I haven't posted recently due to busy-busy-busyiness with work and studies but I have just managed to complete my Grainline Studio's Moss Skirt, yey.  Photos to come!
Happy Easter x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sorbetto - Colette

Along side the Moss skirt I've also been working on a muslin of the Colette Sorbetto.  The plan is a summer wardrobe of Sorbetto's for workwear.  I bought this super cheap fabric at the market in the sale and have had it stashed away for awhile.  The Sorbetto requires bias binding around the neck and armholes (is that the correct technical term!?!).  I always struggle to find binding that I like or that matches my fabric so thought I'd have a go at making some.  Off I went to the virtual shops and ordered myself a bias binding maker.  This one is for 12mm bias.
With a little help from Colette's tutorial I just about managed to make some but with such slippery fabric it wasn't even. When I came to sew it on there was too much bulk at the bias seams, but hey live and learn.
Overall I really like the look of the Sorbetto and was hoping for a wearable muslin from this but think I may have to give up and move onto the real thing (maybe buy some bias binding-see how brave I'm feeling!)

Moss Skirt Shortage

So I had in my head I had how I would whip up Grainline Studios Moss Skirt and write a fabulous post about it but it seems I've been thwarted by the waistband!

I conquered my first fly, woo get me! (excuse finger in shot!) but just can't understand what is going wrong with the waistband.  It's a good 2-3inches short!  I checked I cut the pattern correctly, checked the cutting instructions and tried pinning and re-pinning in various positions but nothing seems to work. Any advice would be gratefully received!! 
I'm so close to finishing this super cute little number I can almost feel the brush of the corduroy!

Please help!!