Thursday, 11 April 2013

Denim Moss Skirt

Here's my denim Moss Skirt.  I lengthened it with the band at the bottom this time so that it's a more "decent" length.

Still issues with the waistband, as you can see.  It's just too short!  I'm now convinced it's the pattern and not me!  I thought perhaps I had overstretched the fabric on my corduroy Moss skirt so didn't lengthen it for this one, rats!

I highlighted the fly with some white stitching (not proper top stitching-I'm still learning, will try that next time).

I shall mostly be wearing my denim Moss skirt with this...(not made by me, made by Zara).

Footnote- it's long enough to cover the waistband, phew!


  1. This is one cute denim skirt- I forsee this entering workhorse status in your wardrobe! Especially with that cute Breton top!

  2. Very impressed. I haven't dared try denim yet. You're inspiring me!

  3. This is so cute! I bet you look TOTALLY cool in this outfit :D

    Bundana x