Monday, 1 April 2013

Completed Moss Skirt

The final completed Grainline Studio Moss Skirt

I've finally completed my corduroy Moss Skirt muslin (wearable me thinks!)!

 For those of you following my twitter it's been a bit painful!  I used a fine corduroy (this is actually a muslin) which turned out to have a little stretch in it.  I think I was pulling it around with my man-hands and stretching it out of shape and so couldn't get the waistband to fit, it was just too short.  Jen very kindly emailed me some instructions on how to lengthen it.

At this point in construction Sarah was too lazy to unpick and re-do so opted to add some little tabs to the end of the waistband to add extra length. Which you can just about see here above the zip.

Next time I will use Jen's instructions to lengthen it.  

It fits like a glove!  Around the waist is too baggy but this is not uncommon for me with skirts as I'm larger around the hips, so it doesn't bother me.  It is, as the pattern states, a mini-skirt.  I'm around 5'9 and it's short, short, short but I do love it!

It drove me nuts when I got to the fly but it was my first.  I didn't particularly find the instructions very clear (sorry Jen!) the diagrams didn't seem to match left and right! But it was easy enough to figure things out.  I would have struggled a lot more with this if I hadn't had the advice of a friend.  It's difficult to tell whether this is because I was pushing myself as a beginner with something new or whether it really wasn't that clear.
I will definitely make another though, I'm thinking denim (longer version) next time!

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  1. Definitely a wearable muslin, great colour! I've been umm ing and ahh ing about getting this pattern but I don't think I have the legs to wear something so short :(