Friday, 12 April 2013

Colette Sorbetto

I conquered bias binding!

For my previous Sorbetto muslin I tried to make my own bias binding.  Never. Again.  Purchasing is the way forward for me!

I used a very slippy peach skin (that's what the lady who sold me it said it was!), possibly crepe?!? I finished the hem with the same colour thread for the bias but I'm not sure about it.

The Sorbetto is such an easy pattern and all for free!  I love Colette's flicker group too (although I'm still learning how to use it!) After browsing the web for inspiration and found lifeisexamined.   I'd love to make a box pleat one next!

 I've got a lovely little selection of crepe's at the moment so it was a tough decision! (Someone over order on the bias binding, hmmm!)

I wanted to make an army of Sorbetto's for my summer wardrobe and the fabric on the right is a lovely crepe de chine so I'll probably start on that one next.  Which bias colour though, hmmm.


  1. Hey! Bias-binding is an arse to make! hahaha. I do make my own, but it can certainly be problematic, so say the least! If you're happy with the shop-stuff... stick to it!

    Bundana x

  2. that's lovely! a sorbetto was the first thing i made and i made my own self fabric bias binding. i think ignorance was bliss in that case! used quilting cotton tho which was a bit of a fail!

  3. Looks really nice, well done. And am v jealous of your crepe!