Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ultimate Wrap Dress v's Gapey Neck

I have absolutely no joy with sewing dresses for myself.  I'm too tall, everything requires FBAs, hips are big, waist is small,  basically everything requires adjusting and it drives me crazy.  My trick for some feel good sewing is bring out the jersey.  The Ultimate Wrap Dress by Sew Over It is perfect for me and perfect for jersey.  For this dress I used a lightweight jersey, plain black as I made it for work wear.  

 I read around various blogs first before starting and most people were commenting on the bagginess of the sleeves so I took a good inch out when closing the seams, it was fitting-as-you-go sewing but I do think you could have baggier sleeves as there are gathers at the sleeve head which would hold it nicely, it's just my preferred style to have more fitted sleeves.

My first attempt was in a navy and taupe jersey but there were some serious neck-gaping issues.  I found this tutorial by By Hand London to fix a gapey back neck, I adjusted the pattern and it totally worked!  Check out that smoooooooth neck!

I'm totally stoked with the results and will now apply it to all my future dress makes!

The only issue I have with this make is that I couldn't get the tension right with my overlocker and the hem is pretty horrendous.  Not sure where I'm going wrong with it.  New needles maybe?  How often should they be changed on an overlocker?

The ties are pretty long but I like that I can wrap them completely around my waist, they could be altered to be shorter.  The only alteration I made with the dress was to lengthen by my usual 3" as I'm quite tall and I wanted a respectable length for work.

(Fanny Street - he he!)

I'm already working on my next Ultimate Wrap Dress and pondering whether I could make it sleeveless for summer...?

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  1. hee hee Fanny Street!
    That is one smooth neck- check you out and your gape free self :D Not sure on the overlocker math but I change mine a couple of times a year!