Saturday, 17 January 2015

Nettie Bodysuit

I made a couple of Nettie bodysuits back in summer.  Such a sweet sweet pattern.  Variations of necklines and sleeve lengths included.  Here are my versions.  The only alteration I made was to lengthen by my usual 3 inches, being a tall lady an'all!

Love this low back.  I made it mostly using my overlocker.

Flip it round...short sleeves, low neck and high back

Missed that bit of hair, damn it!  The fabric was an ex-M&S bolt, super stretchy!

I love those little snap fastens (hidden in these photos!)


  1. These are fantastic- I love the lower scoop back. Sassy!

  2. Thanks lovely! I love it too, too cold at the moment though for a low scoop, brrr!

  3. Love this! Bettie is going much higher on my to make pile now. How do you get hold of ex-M&S fabric?

    1. Thank you :-) The fabric was just in my local fabric shop, they told me it was ex M&S. I guess I just got lucky!!

  4. Corrrr you look like a right stunner in these pics. Can you sis come and take my blog photos too?
    I love your two netties. The floral is so fun but nothing beats a classic b&w stripe!