Sunday, 4 May 2014

Polka Moss Skirt

Hello there.  I recently finished my third Grainline Mini Moss Skirt, although I consider this to be my first really as it's the one that I'm truly happy with.  It's a blatant copy of Jen's Moss (I loved her so much it had to be done!).

I had a total disaster with the zip and having to re-insert one -not to the colour of my liking - the fit is not too bad at all!  For my previous Moss skirts the waist has been too big and the waistband too short.  This time I graded the yokes in by a total of 1 inch which then seemed to make the waistband fit perfectly.

I've never graded before and I'm desperate the increase my skills in this area.  I did lots of reading around but couldn't find anything on grading yokes for skirts.  So I had a BIG think and my brain produced this...

(yes there are three lines on the left, one was drawn in error, oopsy!)

After checking fitting on my previous Moss I measured two 1/4 inch darts onto the yoke.  I then folded the darts in.  By the power of maths the combined yokes then reduce the fit in by 1 inch.  I got such a better fit, although I still need to grade down a size at the waist.

The button was fun to put on too!  A delve into the tool box for a hammer, much excitement!

Fabric- Ikea


  1. Love it! Well done on the grading. I think Jen would be flattered :-)

  2. Love these polka dots!! I think learning to grade and fit properly takes a really long time - you just keep practicing as you go. I'm sure there is a proper way to do these things, but like you, I tend to just wing it! If whatever I do fixes my problem, that's good enough for me. :)

    1. Thanks so much :-) I get so frustrated as often don't know what the issue is to be able to find the solution to fix it - if you know what I mean!

  3. I had a similar issue with my Moss - I took out a huge wedge from the yoke and added a dart into the skirt itself but the fit was great after - I love your dotty fabric!