Sunday, 12 January 2014

Archer II and III

 Hello Archer number 3 in giant plaid.

Fabric: Plaid pattern farbic from Ikea, heavy cotton.  Black plain cotton from Ikea.

I matched the plaid pattern with the help of  Lladybird's tutorial (couldn't have done it without you!).  It took the second attempt to get it right after cutting and matching everything except the front, epic sewing fail. (It does match now trust me, in my excitement to blog I quick some quick snap shots!)  


I cut off the left button band and replaced it with the plain black cotton and added the same for the right button band.  I kinda copied this from a shirt I'd seen on the high street.  I think the black collar and button band really adds emphasis and breaks up the giant plaid pattern.

The yoke is cut on the bias as most tutorials advise to break up the plaid.

I decided to keep the cuffs in the plaid and not add pockets, I don't think it needs them.

I haven't been able to post for a while as I'm in the middle of some pretty intense study but I have also managed to knock up Archer number 2 as well.  This is a just a simple version I wear for work.  It's not my best, there are a lot of errors but it's wearable.  I'm totally nailing topstitching now, the key is a denim needle and make sure your machine is threaded properly (another sewing fail here). Here she is...

As with my first Archer the only adjustment I made is the length.  I'm a tall gal and like a good length so lengthened it by a good 4 inches.  I adore this pattern so much and it's so easy to make.  As I've mentioned before Jen's (Grainline) tutorial is a lifesaver!

I'm already onto Archer number 4 and it's gonna be amazeballs! But I'll leave you with this for now.

PS- Happy Bloggerversary to me, I'm one year old!


  1. Woooah I love the denim version. And I agree the black placket and collar really make it. So jealous of your skills

  2. Thanks Lady! Hope your shirt is coming on ok?! x