Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sorbetto - Colette

Along side the Moss skirt I've also been working on a muslin of the Colette Sorbetto.  The plan is a summer wardrobe of Sorbetto's for workwear.  I bought this super cheap fabric at the market in the sale and have had it stashed away for awhile.  The Sorbetto requires bias binding around the neck and armholes (is that the correct technical term!?!).  I always struggle to find binding that I like or that matches my fabric so thought I'd have a go at making some.  Off I went to the virtual shops and ordered myself a bias binding maker.  This one is for 12mm bias.
With a little help from Colette's tutorial I just about managed to make some but with such slippery fabric it wasn't even. When I came to sew it on there was too much bulk at the bias seams, but hey live and learn.
Overall I really like the look of the Sorbetto and was hoping for a wearable muslin from this but think I may have to give up and move onto the real thing (maybe buy some bias binding-see how brave I'm feeling!)


  1. Hmmm maybe you need bigger bias tape. Or did you trim the neck seam before turning under and stitching? Maybe try pinking shears too reduce bulk. The colour is lovely and summery and think only the bias brings this down to an A-

  2. Nice color sorbetto.

    You can probably take out the binding gently and redo it.. If you feel upto it.

    I use fabric glue to hold it in place the first round and again when I flip the binding and sew it in place.

    The twisting might happen because of excess pressure foot pressure ESP when there are so many layers of fabric.. Reduce the pressure and you can also increase the stitch length a bit ... And sew slowly. All 3 helps reduce the twisting of the binding.

    1. Thanks- how do I reduce the pressure? Do you mean tension?

  3. No, Tension is for the 2 threads - the upper thread tension and lower bobbin thread tension..

    The pressure adjustment is for the pressure foot. How tight it is placed on the fabric.. For example, when sewing with thicker fabric or very think sheer fabric, this pressure has to be adjusted.. it's different for each machine; your manual should have details how to do it.

  4. here's a video from youtube in adjusting pressure on presser foot.

    she explains it clearly.